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Wellinq PendraCare

Process optimization for a producer of medical devices

Background information

Wellinq PendraCare in Leek is producer of medical devices of high quality, like angiographic and diagnostic catheters, which delivers worldwide to leading companies.

The challenge

Strict laws and regulations regarding the production of medical devices dictates that companies documents everything of all products. In the long run this quality oriented documentation became intertwined with the internal processing, which resulted in unnecessary ballast in the communication for production. That resulted in ineffiency.

Wellinq wanted to take away this ballast by creating a strict seperation of quality documentation and the internal processing (and internal communication).

The solution

A solution is found in using ProMISe's digital logbook and action lists, combined with very efficient daily meetings. Communications for internal processing were centralised by using the logbook and action lists. This created time and room for focussing more on improving in the organisation.

At this moment Wellinq PenraCare is expanding to failure registration and a OEE module. With these tools Wellinq PendraCare wants to register all downtime, prevent it in the future and improve quality by improving continuously daily.