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Where Industry 4.0 fails

Why your industry 4.0 projects most likely will fail!

The e-mail trap!

E-mails are a death trap for improvements. Read the article why...

Reinier Brongers new ProMISe business coach!

ProMISe, part of S&S Systems BV, has added Reinier Brongers as a new business coach. The need for organizations to make continuous improvement second nature is growing and so is the demand for services like ProMISe. The business...

a PDCA crash course

Learn all about Plan-Do-Check- Act in just 15(!) minutes

Will a new economic crisis emerge?

How severe will the effects of the Corona virus be? And how can ProMISe help you?

International rollout ProMISe

Finnish Pyroll Coverting Group integrates ProMISe into all European manufacturing plants.

Datadriven management

No more gut feelings, just fact-based management.

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