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Process optimization for galvanizing company in Groningen

Background information

Nedcoat (today Coatinc) was a galvanizing company in Groningen. In 2008 it moved to a new location with a completely new factory where they used innovative new machines and technologies.

The challenge

Coordinating and matching the business processes, knowledge and skills of the employees to new business operations required a clear insight into the functioning of production. This also meant registering all failures and disruptions together with their root causes. With this knowledge Nedcoat would be able to reduce or even prevent future downtime.

The solution

By connecting ProMISe to all process computers (PLCs) Nedcoat got a clear insight into all failures and disruptions (or downtime). Alarms came in during downtime and it was automatically registered in ProMISe. All failures that did not come in via the PLCs were registered manually. Then as much information as possible was noted, including the possible root cause. Following the introduction of an efficient daily meeting and the implementation of the different ProMISe modules, such as the logbook and action lists, Nedcoat saw a considerable improvement in daily operations and gained far greater knowledge of their operationsl. This resulted in more reliable delivery and increased quality.