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The iceberg of ignorance

Turn your iceberg into your warehouse of knowledge

Based on a true story.

The owner of the factory attended the improvement evaluation meeting held periodically. By seeing the data he remarked: “I never knew there were so many problems with this production line. Seemed to me it’s been running fine since ages. Since when are there so many problems?” His department leader very openly said: “Short after we got the thing.”. The owner: “How many guys are working there?”. “Six every shift.”, responded the leader. “Six?”, repeated the owner. “That line is designed to be operated by just two guys! And those reported problems I can fix for just a fraction of the money I spent now on paying 20 salaries!”.

ProMISe turned his ignorance into knowledge. And he was really happy his eyes were opened because ProMISe just saved him hundredthousands of dollars on future spendings.

Did the owner fired the team leader? No! Nor one of the other 20 guys. The team leader actively supported the implementation and usage of ProMISe to create factory wide awareness and was well rewarded for this. For their active contribution to reporting the problems all 20 guys were relocated to departments where hands were needed.